Study Associations

Our faculty is home to ten study associations. Together, they are responsible for the educational support, career orientation, and social activities for the students of the different degree programmes. In collaboration with the Bètastuf board member with the study associations portfolio and the student assessor, they work on the creation and implementation of (faculty) policy.

Click on the name of the association to reach their website.

Curious about which programme corresponds to which study association?

  • Atmos - MSc Energy and Environmental Sciences
  • De Chemische Binding - BSc and MSc Chemistry, Chemical Engineering
  • FMF - BSc (Applied) Mathematics, Physics and all of the subsequent MSc programmes
  • G.F.S.V. Pharmaciae Sacrum - BSc and MSc Pharmacy, and MSc Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • GLV Idun - BSc Biology, Life Science and Technology, Biomedical Engineering and MSc Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences, Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Biomedical Sciences, Biomolecular Sciences, Ecology and Evolution, Marine Biology, Molecular Medicine and Innovative Treatment
  • GTD Bernoulli - BSc and MSc Chemical Engineering
  • Sirius A - BSc and MSc Astronomy
  • SV Cover - BSc and MSc Artificial Intelligence, Computing Science, and MSc Computational Cognitive Science
  • TBV Lugus - BSc and MSc Industrial Engineering and Management, and MSc Mechanical Engineering, Systems and Control
  • T.F.V. Professor Francken - BSc and MSc Applied Physics