The History of Bètastuf

Representing students of the Faculty of Science and Engineering since 1987!

The Bèta Student Federation (Bètastuf) is an organization founded and governed by the students of the Faculty of Science and Engineering (previously the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences) from the University of Groningen. It was founded on the 25th of February in 1987. Bétastuf used to consist of twelve student members of the Faculty Council, the student members of the advisory boards for the teaching institutes, a student from the University Council, and the student member of the Faculty Board.

Bètastuf used to make the "Bètawijzer" each year, in which the following was stated:

  • All the boards present within the university and what they do
  • An introduction to Bètastuf and who were currently in it
  • Chapters on strategic steps that were taken within education
  • All the studies within the faculty and all the courses they offer

For each course, it stated the coordinator, their email address, in which study year the course belonged, the period in which it took place, the number of ECTS you got for it, an introduction, what would be taught during the lectures and/or practicals, what to expect from the exam and some remarks on the course. So it was quite detailed!

Bètawijzer from 1999