Programme Board students

The student member of each Programme Board represents the students from all programmes within that cluster. In this role, the student member is responsible to stay in touch with the relevant study associations and programme committees and keeping up-to-date about all student-related matters. The student member is responsible to bring the student perspective into the Programme Board meetings, to make sure that the student’s interests and needs are met within the programmes in the cluster. Additionally, the student members of all Programme Boards are in close contact with each other as well as with the FSE student assessor and collaborate on different projects, such as helping with the reform of the TA training and getting the study associations a financial compensation due to corona.

ClusterProgrammesEmail address Programme Board student
BiologyBSc/BSc Biology, MSc Biomolecular Sciences, MSc Ecology & Evolution, MSc Marine Biology, MSc Biomedical Sciences, MSc Behavioural and Cognitive
ChemistryBSc/MSc Chemistry, BSc/MSc Chemical Engineering, BSc Life Science &
EngineeringBSc/MSc Industrial Engineering & Management, BSc/MSc Biomedical Engineering, MSc Mechanical
MathematicsBSc/MSc Artificial Intelligence, BSc/MSc Computing Science, BSc/MSc (Applied) Mathematics, MSc Computational Cognitive Science, MSc Systems and
PharmacyBSc/MSc Pharmacy, MSc Medical Pharmaceutical
PhysicsBSc/MSc (Applied) Physics, BSc/MSc Astronomy, MSc Nanoscience, MSc Energy and Environmental
Science Education and CommunicationMSc Science Education and

Current Programme Board students

  • Biology - Suzanne Malikova
  • Chemistry - Seán Byrne
  • Engineering - Alesia Vazquez Quiroga
  • Mathematics - Alexandra Thudor
  • Pharmacy - Ana-Maria Radu
  • Physics - Raúl Luna Mena
  • Science Education and Communication - Marit Bonne