GEARS Team (Makercie)

With over 70 members, the Makercie rover team is the first ever Dutch team to participate in the European Rover Challenge (ERC). Their team members come from many different fields of study, including Physics, Engineering, Chemistry, Astronomy, Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Law, International Business and more.

In their inaugural year, Makercie won first place in the European Rover Challenge in September 2023. The purpose of the competition is to build an independent Mars rover and have it perform NASA-inspired tasks. The team won the remote competition in Groningen and is preparing to participate in the on-site competition to be held in Kielce this year.

Additionally, they are in the process of setting up a new association called GEARS, which is aiming to set an example for open access to science and technology. Through their study association, they hope to create a learning environment in which anyone can participate, with or without experience through acting as a hub for student teams willing to participate in various STEM related competitions. In the future, the team will provide hands-on training in areas such as coding, 3D design, and electronics.

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