FSE Radio Podcast is on the air!

The FSE Radio is a podcast made by students for students of the Faculty of Science and
Engineering! Made up of 7 students from across different FSE programmes, we as a team aim that
each episode they put together will showcase the diversity of ideas and people in the faculty. 

We want to tell you cool stories about what’s going on in our faculty - research, student jobs,
and study associations to join - and about the people responsible for these! From having more
casual conversations with professors and getting to know a bit about them outside of the
classroom, to hearing about students’ experiences and opinions about the programs they are
enrolled in first-hand, you can be sure to find a bit of everything in our repertoire!

Come and listen, and you never know what you might learn! Listen to us on Spotify or on
YouTube, on your way to uni or when you are cooking, put it on in the background, or pick out
your lounge chair and fully immerse yourself in our interviews and conversations. We are also
quite a chatty bunch, so every once in a while our episodes will feel more like you’re hanging
out with us :)

Also, if you, or someone you know, has an interesting story that you want to share with us and
the world, don’t hesitate to DM us on Instagram (@fse.radio) or shoot us an email at
fseradio@rug.nl - we’re always looking for new stories!

Look for FSE radio on: Spotify and Instagram.

The FSE radio team: Ajda, Matteo, Nina and Farrah