Roles within Bètastuf

General roles

  • Chair - Plan and chair the meetings of the Bètastuf board
  • Vice-Chair - Support the Chair and step in for the Chair when necessary
  • Secretary - Take the minutes and keep an eye on the communication channels
  • Treasurer - Make and be in charge of the budget and bank account


  • Study Association Portfolio Manager
  • Programme Board Students Portfolio Manager
  • Co-governance Portfolio Manager
  • Interfaculty Collaboration Portfolio
  • FSE Student Assessor

Study Association Portfolio Manager

Responsible for Bètastuf-Study Associations relationship. There are currently 11 Study Associations at the FSE. This Portfolio Manager (PM) will be the key Bètastuf contact with all the 11 associations.
The PM will chair the Study Association Meetings and provide coordination for working groups and inter-association projects. The PM will also be the main contact point between Faculty Management and associations for faculty-wide issues.

Programme Board Students Portfolio Manager

The person within this role is a Programme Board Student and a Bètastuf member. This person will plan and chair the Programme Board Student's meetings and coordinate any projects or initiatives the Programme Board Students decide upon. This person will also keep an eye out for new educational projects or happenings within the faculty (passed on by the Assessor in the Bètastuf meetings) that are possibly interesting to be involved in as a Programme Board student to announce at these meetings.
This person will be selected after the new Programme Board students are known.

Co-governance Portfolio Manager

Coordination of faculty-wide co-governance projects & main contact point for all FSE co-governance bodies. Co-governance ranges from the various Programme Committees (PCs) of the FSE to the
Faculty Council (FC) and University Council (UC).
This PM will be the main touchpoint between all the co-governance bodies. This will entail frequent meetings and discussions about top-of-mind faculty-wide issues. Additionally and in view of the restructuring of PCs, this person will be involved in any projects surrounding the restructuring. This person will moreover be responsible for creating and setting up any faculty-wide co-governance projects.

Interfaculty Collaboration Portfolio

Benchmarks and creates opportunities for student interfaculty collaboration. Any student representatives outside of the Faculty of Science and Engineering. This may involve other associations or co-governance bodies.
This PM will truly be piloting interfaculty collaboration initiatives. This is up to the chosen candidate to define with his/her board. The imagined starting point is the creation of an interfaculty
network of student representatives (besides the Faculty Associations Assembly) and the coordination of small to medium scale projects between faculties. A secondary goal for this PM is the search and provision of good-case-practices to and from other faculties.

FSE Student Assessor

The student Assessor of the FSE also is a part of Bètastuf. The FSE Assessor oversees all student representation within the faculty and represents the students during meetings with the Faculty Board.
Applications for this role have gone through a different channel.