Current Board

Board 2023-2024

  • Andreea Ghiata – Chair & Study Association Portfolio Manager
  • Mateo Bril – Treasurer & Co-Governance Portfolio Manager
  • Tamar Puttman – Vice-Chair & FSE Student Assessor
  • Alexandra Thudor – Public Relations & Events Coordinator
  • Raul Luna – Secretary & Programme Board Portfolio Manager



My name is Andreea and this year I am the Chair and Study Association Portfolio Manager. I come from Romania and I am currently in my fourth year of the Life Science & Technology bachelor. During the previous academic year I was in the board of GLV Idun, and decided that being in a board was too much fun to stop after only one year. Besides studying, I am also part of the Programme Committee and a head-mentor of LS&T, a part-time scout leader back in home country and probably something else that I forgot about.

You can usually find me hanging out in the members lounge of my study association or running around the campus because I’m doing a lot of things all of the time. I am always in for a chat though, so if you see me, don’t hesitate to come talk to me!



Hello! My name is Mateo and this year I am the Treasurer & Co-Governance Portfolio Manager.

I started at this university already 5 years ago, with the Bachelor programme: Life Science & Technology. Currently, I am a BCN student that loves to take on every challenge I might encounter. I was in the board of GLV Idun two years ago, and decided that being in a board was too much fun to only do for one year.

I hope to help a lot of students this year by organising useful activities. I am always in for a chat, so if you see me, don’t be afraid to come talk to me!



Hi there! My name is Tamar Puttman, and I am the Vice-chair of Betastuf, and the Student Assessor of the FSE.

As student assessor, I sit in during the weekly faculty board meetings with the dean, vice-dean, and managing director of the faculty. This gives me an opportunity to voice students’ opinions on the highest level of management within the faculty. Within my function as student assessor, I also have a lot of time to dive into and create my own projects, usually focused on improving student participation and increasing the visibility of the complex organization that is called the faculty of Science and Engineering.

My main focus points for this year are student well-being, master preparedness and visibility of student representation! If you have any ideas about these points, or any other great plans that involve students at the FSE, don’t hesitate to contact me at


Greetings! I’m Alex and this year I will be responsible for the PR of the Betastuf board. This means I will be in charge of organising all the exciting Betastuf events and of course, being there to meet you all!

I am currently in my third year of the AI bachelor, and I like trying out new things and taking up extra challenges. Last year I was in the board of Cover and really enjoyed meeting new people and organising events, so now I’m excited to be doing that again, with a focus on all of the diverse organisations within the FSE. I am also currently the programme board student of the Mathematics cluster, so I am eager to find out more about and listen to the students’ experiences within our faculty, so feel free to share yours, I’m always up for a nice conversation 🙂

You can find me most of the time in the Cover room or wandering around the Bernoulliborg, so if you spot me you can always come say hi!


Hi! My name is Raúl Luna. I am the Secretary and Programme Board portofolio manager on the Bètastuf board this year and the Programme Board student for the physics cluster.

I am currently a 2nd year Nanoscience master student working on a research project in the field of spintronics. As a member of the PB, I value education highly and am always interested in finding ways to make university a better space for everyone involved. I also enjoy having good conversations, dancing or just hanging around with people.

If you ever have something to ask or tell me about, education related, science or just a comment, I will be very happy to hear 🙂