Finished Projects

Framework for Study and Career Orientation

In 2016, a project group of Bètastuf consisting of Karin Dirksen, Floor van Elsacker, and Irina Chiscop, published the project report “Framework for Study and Career Orientation”. The report describes their research in employability strategies in other faculties in our university and other universities, and their survey among students of the FSE. They propose a framework, in which employability activities of study associations, the faculty and the university are integrated to offer our students a complete overview for their future careers.  Students are constantly developing themselves and information should be tailored to their needs in career and study advice in each new phase. The frameworks project is aimed at aiding relevant stakeholders to structure this information, while taking the input of students and student organizations into account.

“It is important to establish a balance between what is offered by the associations, the faculty and NEXT: their activities should be complementing each other. Furthermore, students should be stimulated to see all these efforts as part of one organization.”

For the complete document, including the appendices, please contact the board at You can download a large part of the document (in two parts) below.

Project report Framework for Study and Career Orientation part 1

Project report Framework for Study and Career Orientation part 2