Faculty Council

What is the Faculty Council?
The Faculty Council is the official representative advisory body in which staff and students participate. It consists of 18 members: 9 staff and 9 student members.

What does the Faculty Council do?
We voice the opinion of the 7300 students studying at the Faculty of Science and Engineering. By means of the right of consent and advice, the Faculty Council has an influence on the educational programs, research, budget, human resource policy, regulations on labor conditions, housing policy, and other organizational changes.

Faculty Council Meetings
The Faculty Board meets with the Faculty Council once every six weeks to discuss the issues stated above. The meetings of the Faculty Council are open to the public unless the Council decides otherwise. Outside the meeting with the Faculty Board every cycle, the Council meets in various committees to go into further dept about e.g. Research and Education or the Finances of the Faculty.

Who is in the Faculty Council?
The members of the Council are officially elected: the staff members once every two years and the student members every year. This year the following students have been elected:

  • Robert Pattipeilohij
  • François Martin
  • Alva Bechlenberg
  • Alex Simionescu
  • Bjorn Celiku
  • Filip Luedtke
  • Noah Borgmann
  • Temmo Rijken
  • Verona Sarena Colaco

If you have any questions (or even better suggestions) do not hesitate to contact one of the members of the Faculty Council!