Programme Committees

Programme committees are an important part of the quality control of the different programmes within our faculty. They consist of both staff and students. They have three main tasks; evaluating the different courses of their programme, advising the Teaching and Exam Regulations and choosing the teacher of the year from their programme Programme Committees can also give both solicited and unsolicited advice about education within their programme to the Faculty Board and Faculty Council.
Programme Committee Mail Address
Artificial Intelligence
Chemistry/Chemical Engineering
Computing Sciences
Industrial Engineering and Management
(Applied) Mathematics
(Applied) Physics
Msc Nanoscience
Bsc Biology/LST
MSc Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences
MSc Biology / Ecology & Evolution / Marine Biology / Molecular Biology & Biotechnology
MSc Biomedical Sciences / Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences
MSc Biomedical Engineering
Msc Education & Communication
Msc Energy and Enviromental Sciences