University Council

The University Council is the highest co-determination body of our university. Each month, twelve students and twelve staff members meet with the Board of the University to discuss university-wide policies. The main task of the University Council is to check the policy-making by the Board of the University. During the monthly University Council meeting, the council discusses a wide range of policies: from the general Teaching- and Exam Regulations, to working conditions, the renovation of university buildings or the annual university budget. On some of these topics, the University Council has the right of consent: this means that the council must vote on specific policy documents. On other documents, the council had the right to provide an advice to the Board of the University, which the board must take seriously. And some policy documents are only to be discussed, or sent to the council for information purposes.

The student factions of the University Council also have the right to propose their own policy initiatives. They do so by writing a memo to the Board of the University in which they propose a new policy. You can find proposals that they’ve handed in over the past years on their websites.

At the moment, there are three student parties: Lijst Calimero, SOG and Lijst Sterk. How the twelve student seats are divided among the parties is decided each year, during the university elections. The staff members are elected every two years.

Lijst Calimero

Lijst Calimero is the student party that focuses on high quality education at the University of Groningen. When you leave Groningen, you should not only have had a great student time, but you should also leave with a valuable diploma. Since 2005, Lijst Calimero has been committed to the improvement of the quality of education. Visit our website to find out who we are and what we do. Quality is a choice. Make yours, choose Lijst Calimero.
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Studenten Organisatie Groningen (SOG)

The SOG represents the interests of all student at the University of Groningen. We focus on a constructive working ethics to achieve the most for our students. We belief that next to the excellent education, of which we proudly have contributed to, there is more to be experienced in our beautiful student city. Therefor the SOG encourages students to develop more skills than thaught in university, creating a stepping stone for all students. For more information, please visit our website.