Vote for the Faculty Council this week!

From Monday May 15th till Friday May 19th you can vote during the university elections. Voting is very important since the students in the councils will represent you for one year. You can vote for both the university council for the whole university and the faculty council, specific for the Faculty of Science and Engineering. The students in these councils discuss, together with staff members, issues such as better education, finances, international projects and many other things. To find out more, see below. Want to learn more about the faculty council? Click here.

Why vote Bètastuf?

The Beta Students Federation, Betastuf in short, is the body that unites all student participation within the faculty. Every month, all involved students discuss current issues for students. Through the different participating bodies, your interests are defended. Betastuf is always interested in your input!

The faculty council list is approved annually in a transparent and democratic way by the Betastuf community, which are all students of the Science and Engineering faculty. The student faction of Betastuf has been defending your interest for the past 30 years within the faculty council: whether discussing the student-staff ratio, education innovation or internationalization, we have your back.