Faculty Board and Schools of Science and Engineering

The Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE) knows two layers of management: the faculty board and two schools of science. The faculty board is responsible for the whole faculty and develops faculty wide education policy and strategy. Next to the faculty board, there are two schools of science: the Undergraduate School of Science and Engineering (USSE) and the Graduate School of Science and Engineering (GSSE). The schools are responsible for the implementation of faculty policy in respectively undergraduate and graduate education. Students are represented both in the faculty board and in the boards of the schools.

Faculty Board

The faculty board consists of 5 people:

Dean prof. dr. Jasper Knoester
Vice dean prof. dr. Klaas Poelstra
Managing Director dr. Dick Veldhuis
Management Secretary dr. Peter Timmerman

and your student representative:

Joeri ten Kate, student assessor of the faculty board.

Schools of Science and Engineering

The Schools of Science and Engineering are managed by:

USSE director prof. dr. Rob Timmermans
GSSE director prof. dr. Marc van der Maarel

and your student representatives:

Tatyana Pellan and Renzo Cuadra, student members of the USSE board.
Ana Roman, student member of the GSSE board.

What do your student representatives do?

The student assessor has a full time role as part of the faculty board. The assessor joins in on all faculty board meetings and is the portfolio holder of Student Affairs. The student assessor takes part in all discussions regarding faculty strategy and where applicable, contributes in developing and writing policy. The student assessor is the main contact person for the students in the faculty council and as such is in close contact with them to keep the council updated and convey any worries the students of the council have to the board.

Student members on the boards of the Schools of Science and Engineering have a part time role. These students tie the community of programme specific student representatives together by organizing and chairing faculty wide meetings between for example study associations and programme committees. Student members of the school boards are also closely involved with projects such as the design of educational facilities in the new Feringa Building, the implementation of Learning Communities in degree programmes and improving career orientation opportunities for students.